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Suzuki DF350A - Smart design for maximum power

Did you know that when it was introduced, the Suzuki DF350A was the ONLY outboard engine with dual contra-rotating propellers?

Here are some highlights from a great review of this engine by

It's the largest motor of the Suzuki range and the extra prop puts all that power to the water more efficiently. The key to that is its twin “contra-rotating” stainless-steel propellers. A big motor that makes big power needs a big propeller and on a typical single-prop outboard, that means big gears in the lower unit. Suzuki engineers knew that the shape of the gearcase and the design of the propeller would be critical to the motor’s performance. A bulbous large-diameter gearcase would create hydrodynamic drag that would translate into sub-par performance.

By spreading the load over two contra-rotating stainless-steel propellers, Suzuki achieved two goals. First, the second propeller improved the motor’s overall grip on the water. Second, the torque per propeller was decreased and that allowed for smaller-diameter gears. The reduction in gear diameter led to the design of a smaller, more hydrodynamic gearcase.

The contra-rotating props also improve a boat’s overall handling and most important, its slow-speed maneuverability.

In addition to the props, this outboard has many other cutting edge design features making it one of the most efficient, reliable and versatile engines on the market today. Perfect for use on fishing boats like center- and dual consoles, pontoons, deck boats and family cruisers. The engine is also big in the aftermarket repower market where owners are actually pulling out diesel inboards and replacing them with a pair of DF350As on brackets.

You can witness the DF350A in action in the water around Bonaire on the Don't Panic, a classic Boston Whaler. Get in touch with Bonaire Marine Center to find out more!

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